Monday, August 20, 2007

Moving with the Top 3%

The last few months have been busy to say the least. I had an opportunity to reassess where I was going and how I planned on getting there. It’s nice when you get to that point in life when you can throw away all of the artificial constraints of living and really focus on what you want. I am very fortunate to be at that very place. It’s scary from the standpoint that there aren’t any excuses for not succeeding. Fundamentally everyone is driven by only two emotions; passion and fear. If I consider Gleicher’s Formula for Change, and fear and passion are the drivers, I must have enough passion for my vision to overcome the fear of change. Of course that assumes I have a vision in the first place. Without vision I am blind and fear becomes the predominate emotion.

So how do I feel? Great… Scared… mostly just excited about what the next 10 or so years will bring. It seems odd to me but chasing someone else’s vision, or lack thereof, never seemed too risky. After all it’s not my vision, it’s theirs. If it fails it is not a reflection on me. My job is to bring my experience and knowledge to the table to help illuminate the situation. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely goal driven. It’s just not personal, it’s a job. I can always find a way to make it fun and successful. At the end of the day the overall success or failure will be accredited to the CEO or owner. I was just one of the tools he or she had in their bag. It was a rewarding and fulfilling vocation to have. I enjoyed it.

There was and is a bigger thing (Major Definite Goal) out there for me, a passion to truly drive optimum success, to have clarity of vision, well thought out plans and goals, and a drive to make a difference. I wanted to find people who share those traits. The Law of Attraction states that we attract those people who are most like what we perceive we are. I want to attract the top 3%. They don’t have to start in the top 3%, but they must be willing to work hard enough to get there.

Now I would have to say that perceiving I am in the top 3% and only wanting like souls to share my world may seem egotistic, narcissistic, and self-absorbed. It’s really not (says I). Who are the top 3%? They are not elitist. They are not necessarily the movers and shakers of industry. Being rich does not in and of itself put you in the top 3%. The top 3% balance the work, family, physical and spiritual aspects of their lives. They live a centered life, everything in moderation. They have written detailed goals of what they want to achieve in the next 5, 10 or 15 years. Many do not have a goal to make a lot of money. But, we live in a capitalistic society so money always plays a part. If I want more quality time with my family I have to be able to afford it. I can’t just quit work and stay at home. Interestingly, most of these people have far more money than their peers. It’s a byproduct if nothing else.

They are active, vibrant, above the line thinkers. They exude energy. They are open to new learning. They are not all happy day one. But they have a real desire to be and a willingness to take the steps required to get there. Traditionally they are “High D’s” and “High I’s”(D.I.S.C.), drivers (Merrill-Reid), type “A” personalities (Jenkins Activity Survey). Just because someone is highly motivated does not put them in the top 3%. A know a lot of people who work very hard for long hours that a) aren’t getting anywhere and b) don’t care to hear about it.

Here is what it takes to be in the top 3% in my book:

  • · You have taken the time to both understand and write down your goals in life for work (money), family (fun and vacations) and spiritual endeavors (charities and volunteering).
  • · You have prioritized these goals and determined your one major definite goal. It is your focus
  • · You take full responsibility for your actions
  • · You try to spend most of your time in a positive frame of mind (above the line).
  • · You have a continuous learning mentality, constantly reading and listening
  • · You make improvement is a series of 1% changes that produce outstanding results over time, not radical changes all at once.
  • · You are decisive, able to set out in a direction and make coarse changes as required.
  • · You have an internal locus of control verses an external locus of control. You know who you are.

These are the people I am looking for. They are the people who will make a significant difference in the world around them. Their world may be big or small, but it will benefit from knowing them. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. I know some of these folks. I expect to meet many more of them in the future.

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. - E. B. White

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