Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How can eProcess Pros reduce the cost of providing essential business tools to small businesses?

Most small business owners didn't get into business because they wanted to build a better administrative environment. They got into business for several reasons, being the best administrator was not one of them. They wanted freedom to chart their own course. They wanted to take responsibility for their own future. They had an idea or a passion they wanted to chase. To accomplish this they had to build the typical administrative infrastructure required of all businesses. Aside from the regulatory compliance issues of reporting and paying all levels of taxes from business taxes to sales taxes to income tax, a business must be able to track progress against revenue and expense goals.

Think what your world would look like if all you had to do each day was to pursue your passion. The company ran itself from a bureaucratic standpoint. Purchase orders and invoices were processed. Revenue was booked according to government regulation. Expenses were applied correctly. Marketing collateral was created and deployed automatically based on predictable rules. All you had to do each day was manage the customer and prospect interaction. For those that are creating and delivering a product or service, you spent some of your time managing that critical process. The view was not in the rear view mirror dealing with events that have already happened, but looking forward to impact events yet to come… this sounds too good to be true.

For a small businessperson to achieve this state of business nirvana two important resources have to be captured and they have to be captured at a cost below what the businessperson would pay to do it internally. There has to be access to subject matter experts that can provide expertise faster, more accurate and more cost effective than the current environment. There has to be a technology infrastructure in place that makes the business processes seamless to the business owner, more reliable and highly cost effective. In both cases more cost effective is maybe the most critical element. I say this because in a small business "cash is king". Small businesses can't afford elaborate solutions with multi-year paybacks. They would like them, but they generally can't afford them.

Subject Matter Experts – There is no shortage of subject matter experts (SME) calling on small businesses. The problem is that most small business can't afford to take advantage of them. In a lot of cases their cost is not unreasonable; the payback just doesn't support the expense. These SME's can be accountants, marketers, HR professionals or business consultants. eProcess Pros has solved this problem for many small business by allowing them to take advantage of only what they need. We have a pool of resources available through our partner network. Think of it as group insurance. We contract for excess capacity within our partners, which enables us to deliver highly cost effective resources to our clients. Because we can commit to higher volumes of activity than any one small business can, we can negotiate a better price then you could get on your own. We even have access to college level resources (professors for advice, students for labor).

Technology Platform – The problem with dedicated resources is, like time you can't recover unused resources. The typical business that has a server running in their IT closet pays for that server 100% of the time even if it is only used once in a while. The dedicated server has to be configured for peak traffic, even if that is only once a month or once a quarter. The same is true for the applications running on the server. In many cases it includes the human resources required to keep the server, network and applications up and running. eProcess Pros helps reduce cost by using the "cloud computing" approach. Our architecture allows multiple companies to share physical resources without compromising security. This approach not only improves overall performance of the application, it reduces the ongoing support headaches and reduced cost.

It's the perfect solution. We take on the tedious every day repetitive business processes freeing the small business owner to focus on the strategic and dynamic daily activities of building their business.

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