Thursday, February 25, 2010

People helping people make better decisions

We provide clarity. We are real people who care about you, your business and the decisions in front of you. We are not just score keepers or guardians of your financial history. We help you identify and understand business situations. We help you formulate potential courses of action. We help you understand the resources available to you to pursue these courses of action. Our goal is to make your path straight and level.

Life is full of stress. It comes from all directions. It's anchored in uncertainty. When we are faced with a problem we don't understand, or we can't envision a solution, or we are not sure we can execute it, stress builds in our lives. Most of the time if you take the time to identify the problem both in detail and in writing, itemize the potential outcomes of the problem, select the worst possible outcome and construct a plan to mitigate it, your stress drops exponentially. You don't have to believe you can overcome the problem to feel better. You just simply need to understand the true impact. More times than not the negative fallout of a problem is not as bad as we think.

What brought me to write this was the ongoing experience of new clients who have come to believe that uncertainty and stress are part of being in business. There are so many little things they don't quite understand, so they let it ride. One client had a very large deferred revenue balance that had never been reconciled. When it was pointed out, they responded "Why should I care?" One of the biggest reasons is that the IRS is going to ask and if you don't have a very good answer they are going to start digging into your books, not just this year, but previous years as well. We had another client that had a POS device problem that understated sales by a few thousand dollars. They hadn't reconciled their bank deposits for several months and didn't catch it. The issue became; understated sales tax reporting and understated royalty payment reporting. Both of these, although easy to correct, may cause future audits. Having someone helping you get the right information to make the right decisions is critical to lowering your stress.

Our business is not about numbers, it's about people. Accurate, timely accounting is just the foundation from which we build our practice. We pride ourselves on being people who want to help people make better decisions

It's not how many seeds in an apple – it's how many apples in a seed…..

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